XILFLEX Weatherseal NB


XILFLEX® Non-Bleed Weatherseal is a one-part, low modulus, CaCO3-reinforced neutral silicone sealant. It has high joint movement to accommodate building movements, coupled with low dust uptake and oil leaching to minimize staining and streaking in adjacent building materials and natural stones. It has excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, and various other construction materials, and is suitable for use in PVC, Aluminum Composite Panels, natural stones, etc.


  • High joint movement – for ease of application.
  • Non-Bleed – reduce staining and streaking on adjacent building materials.
  • Extended tooling time – to accommodate longer working time in construction sites.
  • Durability – silicone sealant naturally shows excellent long term resistance to natural weathering, including extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rain and other atmospheric elements.


  • Weathersealing, natural stones


  • 280 ml in plastic cartridge


Property Value
Color Clear, White, Black, Grey, Brown
Specific Gravity 1.41
Tooling Time < 30 minutes
Tack-Free Tim < 120 minutes
Hardness (Shore A) – ASTM D2240 27
Tensile Strength (MPa) – ASTM D412 1.68 Mpa
Elongation at Break – ASTM D412 > 500%
  • Dust and oil may significantly reduce adhesion.
  • Clean surface thoroughly with IPA, MEK, toluene or other solvents. Do NOT use soap.
  • Cut the accompanying nozzle to the desired bead size and apply evenly.
  • Finish up within the tooling time specified above.
  • Please test adhesion when applied to unfamiliar materials.
  • STORAGE: cool, dry place below 27oC.
  • Acetoxy silicone sealants produce acetic acid by-product which may cause irritation and corrode some metals.
  • Always ensure enough ventilation during application.
  • Wear masks and gloves. When in contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with lots of running water for 15 minutes. Find medical attention if irritation and pain persist.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.